Season Four


Martha Clark has many sides.
Lois: I know, I've seen several already.

Pilot: What is it? A bird? A plane?

Lana: Well, nothing says 'I love you' like a motorcycle helmet.

Lois: I guess I'm a sucker for stray dogs and naked men. (Martha stares) Okay, that didn't come out right...

Dr. Vaughn: You're living on borrowed time, Lex stop trying to borrow more.

Lois: Were (Chloe) and Clark ever an item?
Martha: Maybe for a minute...

Lionel: You know, they dubbed Mussolini a savior...and look what happened to him.

Lex: Shouldn't wound what you can't kill, Dad.

Lois: Glad to see we've moved beyond the clothing-optional stage of our relationship.

Lois: Give me a geek with glasses.

Lex: But apparently I'm not ordinary.
Lionel: No, you're not. You're my son.
Lex: God help me.

Jonathan: You can fly?
Clark: Kal-El can fly. Clark Kent is still earthbound.


Lana: You and Lois...?
Clark: Lois? She's bossy, she's stuck up, she's rude. I can't stand her!
Lana: The best ones always start out that way

Lois: Lana...cute, smart, gusty. And way too much for you to handle. I can see why you're in love with her.

Lois: Remind me if I'm ever a witness, don't put my life in the hands of the FBI.

Lois: Besides, my delicate feminine sensibilities weren't offended the first time I got a glimpse of "Clark Junior."

Lana: I guess Paris just wasn't for me.
Lex: Yeah, museums, late-night jazz clubs, walks along the Seine - I can see how that all gets boring.

Lois: Really? You two?
Clark: We never...
Lana: Not really...
Clark: ...had a thing.
Lois: A complicated thing. Never mind.

Lois: The awkward tension is just getting started.

Lois: Really crashed and burned on that one.
Clark: Must be a daily ritual with you.
Lois: Only when I'm barreling into a train wreck.

Lex: Look, I'd like to set things straight between us, Clark, but don't you think raising someone from the grave is setting the bar a little high?

Lois: Chloe always told me this town was weird.

Lana: Do you believe in destiny?
Clark: I don't want to.

Lionel: Well done, Lex, but wasn't it you who warned me, don't wound what you cannot kill?

Jason: I'm freaking you out with the whole Cary Grant moment, aren't I?


General Lane: Not to worry, Lo I'm sure Clark will be happy to show you around.
Clark and Lois: Around where?

Jason: It was strange. (Clark) kind of opened up to me today.
Lana: You have no idea how strange that really is.

Lex: What's with this fascination with ancient writings?
Lana: School project.
Lex: Must be the same project Clark's always working on.

Lex: I guess the polite thing to do is cough and let you know I'm standing here, but that always seems so forced, doesn't it?

Chloe: Now I'm off to see Clark Kent in a wet T-shirt. Care to join me?
Lois: Like I haven't seen that before.


Clark: You know, if you spent as much time studying as you did trying to leave, you'd be in college already.
Lois: And where'd you get that pearl of wisdom? The Farmers' Almanac?

Mandy: You want a quote?
Lois: Yeah.
Mandy: Back off, bitch.

Jason: Well, I guess it could've been a lot worse if Clark hadn't tackled me out of the way. I've never seen anybody move that fast. I got to get him off the bench.

Lex: There's a darkness in me that I can't always control. I'm starting to think that's my curse, why every relationship I have ends badly.
Clark: We all have a dark side, Lex.
Lex: Yeah, but I can feel mine creeping over the corners. Friendship helps keep it at bay.

Clark: I'm looking for Coach Teague. He just attacked me in my loft.
Lois: After that performance on the field today, not surprised.

Lois: Do you know how pathetic it is that you have to resort to chemicals to control your boyfriends?
Mandy: I'm sick of being a distant second to a football.
Lois: So you create a bunch of psycho nutjubs. (looks at Chloe). No offense.
Chloe: None taken.

Clark: You know, I thought you made a great cheerleader.
Chloe: Yeah, well let's never talk about that again, okay?

Chloe: (about Clark) Wow, superhero and journalist - what are the odds?

Lois: If you break (Chloe's) heart, I'll come back and I'll break your legs.

Lois: Don't worry, I'll come back and visit.
Clark: Is that a promise or a threat?


Bart: Your watch is fast. If there's one thing I never am, it's late. If I'm going to be somewhere, I'll be there like a flash.

Bart: I'll be a thousand miles away before you can blink
Clark: Well, I can blink pretty fast.

Bart: You know, I've always wondered if there was anyone out there like me, and it turns out to be you, Jimmy Crack Corn fresh from the farm.

Bart: (I'm from) the future.
Chloe: Really?
Bart: I ran all the way back through time to tell you we're still in love 100 years from now.

Martha: (I wanted to) spend some time with a ruggedly handsome farmer.
Jonathan: Well, you're in luck, there just happens to be one sweating in your driveway right now.
Martha: Maybe I should get the hose and a bucket of soap.

Clark: So, what happened?
Lex: I decided to play cowboy and got my spurs handed to me.

Clark: Are you sure there's nothing I can do to change your mind?
Bart: Tell you what...if you can catch me...I'll think about it.


Lana: I did some research on the Countess Theroux. Turns out that we have a lot more in common than I thought.
Jason: Don't tell me the Countess ran a coffee shop.

Martha: Jump down there and put it out?
Lionel-in-Clark: Put it out? How?
Martha: (exasperated) With your hands...

Chloe: What, is flannel too five minutes ago?

Lana: Who the hell do you think you are?
Lionel-in-Clark: Clark Kent. Of course.


Chloe: As much as I hate to admit it, I never bet against Clark Kent.

Lana: Clark's a big part of the reason why I took off for Paris in the first place.
Jason: Oh. Well, that must be from the book of things you never want to hear about your girlfriend's ex.

Clark: No matter how hard you try, you can't understand that. That's why it's my decision, not yours.
Jonathan: You're starting to sound more and more like your father.
Clark: I hope so, Dad.

Mikail: If you knew about my powers, why did you bet against me?
Lex: I didn't bet against you. I bet on Clark Kent.

Lex: Mikail, if there's one thing I've learned, it's that anything lost can be found again.

Lex: I see. So today I'm taking the role of the despicable, untrustworthy friend and as usual our hero is making the fatal flaw of jumping to conclusions.


Isabelle/Lana: Hair of two virgins (plucks her own hair) We've been a good little girl, haven't we?

Brianna/Lois: I'm gorgeous! Look at these! (perks her breasts up).
Isabelle/Lana: Yes, they're very nice.

Madeleine/Chloe: Ahh..the woods of France. I'd know them anywhere.
Isabelle/Lana: We're in Kansas, Madeleine.
Brianna/Lois: Where?

Madeleine/Chloe: Is that the same quest that got us burned at the stake?
Brianna/Lois: That was not pleasant.

Isabelle/Lana: We don't have time for this.
Madeleine/Chloe: Time is the only thing we do have. Isn't that what you said right before the angry mob set us on fire?
Isabelle/Lana: You're really not going to let that go, are you?

Madeleine/Chloe: The food is so good in this century.
Isabelle/Lana: And the men actually bathe.
Brianna/Lois: And their bodies are so hard...

Brianna/Lois: His powers are restored.
Madeleine/Chloe: How?
Clark: I'm not from around here...

Lois: Why are we lying in the dirt?
Chloe: And what the hell are we wearing?

Clark: Hey Dad!
Jonathan: Hey, Clark. Son, is there maybe a little something you'd like to tell your mother and me? (holds up bra)
Martha: Where did that come from?
Jonathan: From out in the barn. In the hay.
Martha: Clark...
Clark: It was magic.
Martha: I'm sure it was...

Clark: Isabelle was...aggressively sexy.
Lana: Oh great, possessed by an evil slut...


Chloe: (to Clark) C'mon, big boy it's for the cause of truth and justice.

Lionel: I want to be your father, Lex. If you'll let me.
Lex: You've got your health, Dad. Don't expect another miracle.


[During Jason's nightmare]
Jason (to Lana): Clark Kent can't protect you from me. Nobody can.

Chloe: Clark, you were in love with her. That's not something you ease out of.

[During Chloe's nightmare]
Chloe's mom: You can't escape this Chloe. None of the woman in our family ever have.

Lana (to The Kents): I can't just sit in that hospital anymore, just watching Chloe and Jason die. I want to help.

Warden Stone: You want to stay in prison?
Lionel: Yes. I've found my mission in life.

Lionel But who? Who could do that?
Warden Stone: Obviously someone more powerful than you.

[During Lana's nightmare]
Lana (to herself): Lana... Lana... they're all going to leave you and there's nothing you can do about it.

[During Clark's nightmare]
Lana (to Clark): It all makes since. The meteor shower. That's the day you came. How could I be so stupid?... My parents are gone because of you. I'm never going to see them again... You killed my parents!

[On telling Lana his secret]
Clark (to Martha): As far apart as we've grown, I think about it everyday.

Jonathan (to Clark): Someday there will be someone you can tell.

Jason (to Lana): Six months ago I would've never gone to someone like Lex and groveled for a job I don't even want.

Lana (to Jason): The one thing I've learned from my relationship with Clark is when someone isn't being honest with me.

Chloe (to Clark): It turns out she is not exactly M.I.A. so to speak. She's in a mental facility and the kicker is it's hereditary.

Clark (to Chloe): It's weird when people think they are so close to you when they have no idea what you're really going through.

Chloe (to Clark): I mean if you can't tell your best friend, who can you tell? Right, Clark?


Lex: Well, the prodigal father returns.

Minister: Do you, Clark Kent, take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?
Clark: Hell yes!

Lionel: Corporate maneuvering doesn't interest me any more.
Lex: So killing me is going to be a full-time job now?

Alicia: I want this to last forever.
Clark: I'm not sure that's one of my abilities, but I'll do my best.

Lex: Dad. You can stay in the guest house.
Lionel: Thanks it'll be much easier keeping an eye on me.


Lois: First he married the girl, now he's dating her?
Chloe: That was subtle, Lois.

Lois: Did (Alicia) happen to be wearing something low-cut when she spun you that tale, because I'm not sure you're thinking with your big brain here.

Sheriff Adams: You flip-flop more than a politician, Mr. Kent.

Lex: Can I get you something? I assure you, my tastes have matured.
Genevieve: I'm sure you've developed a taste for quite a lot of things, Lex.


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